Neil Aldrin Collins was a Starfleet Captain of the 2370s in ST-OM .  


He was 6'2" tall, blond haired, blue eyed and handsome.  He was under a lot of pressure to live up his family history.  He responded to this with bouts of perfectionism, workaholism and a top-gun stye sense of self confidence that occasionally crossed the line into arrogance. 

In Deep Space Ten , Collins Commands the Ambassador Class USS Achernar.  In Minor Nagus ,  Collins Commands the USS Royal Sovreign. In Rondo in Green , Collins is a Commodore in command of a Task Force. 


Neil Collins is a foil for Li'ira during his appearances.

Collins is meant to represent a flavor of starfleet that considers itself old-school,  keepers of the flame, but are really reactionary stuffed shirts.

Collins evolves in his appearances, from stuffed shirt to colleague.

Collins is part of a subculture of people on Earth who form a sort of under-cover aristocracy, they represent history, political and economic power.  Such folks are thematically marked by surnames of Mercury, Gemini and Apollo astronauts or former Presidents of the US.

Collins refers to himself as being from Philadelphia.  In the mid 21st century, Washington DC was the target of military attack and ruined.  The United States moved it's capital back to Philadelphia and this is where the North American elite centered their operations, until after the unification under Earth Dome in the early 22nd century. 

Although these people represent a tendency of an organization to ossify, grow an elite and start to become rigid,  in ST-OM, Starfleet will not get the chance - it is growing too quickly and it's mission is expanding too quickly.  Limits on upward mobility into flag officer rank will never make sense in Starfleet, since they always need more and more people

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