New Canada is an Earth-like Planet near The Briar Patch


Banshee SquadronEdit

Place Holder for Richard


The Planet itself is not remarkable, and this, in and of itself is remarkable.  It seems like it was terraformed at some time in the past by unknown people.  Investigations into this idea continues.

The planet is home to a complete range of plants and creatures, some familiar, and some not so familiar. 

The main city on new Canada is Serenity City.  Serenity is a modern Federation City, with all the normal amenities,  including an El Taco restaurant.

The natives struggle to advance their culture and differentiate it.  They have a symphony which is notable for its weird and humorous operas, that freely mix in any form of stage based entertainment, into their own specialized offerings.

The population is a mix of federation people, but mostly Bolians and humans.  Andorians say they find the northern latitudes agreeable.  
Emerald lake yoho national park british columbia canada

There is a zone of relatively tame wilderness for about 100 km around the city.  Hunters, hikers, boaters and fishermen have chased away the bears, mountain lions, wolves and shitzuatzu commonly found else where.

There are small towns and villages scattered across New Canada for people who like the semi rural life style. 

There are a group of people who have left modern civilization behind.  They live in close contact with the land and the nature of New Canada.  They criticize normal people for moving to an alien world and them working hard to insulate themselves from it.  These people are trackers and rogue nautralists.

Serenity City is also the Home to the majority of the Survivors of the Lefyt Colonies .

New Canada has two moons.  Moose and Squirrel. 


As an in joke,  All external locations on New Canada look like they were filmed in Vancouver or some easily accessible location in British Columbia, a reference to many sci fi shows that were filmed there. 

Starbase 901Edit

Starbase 901 is in orbit around New Canada.

It is the Federations principle base in the area and supports numerous ships and units for defense, exploration, Search and Rescue and other Starfleet Operations


Starfleet maintains "Satellite Campuses" on New Canada itself, Including an Airfield where until recently Banshee Squadron was home based. 

The Starbases Commanding Officer is Kitara Mallory,  a stern, no nonsense woman, who gently tolerates hijinks among her staff.  She draws the line at Shenanigans. however.   

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