New Klingon Edit

"New Klingons" are a Klingon Political faction. They believe that other races may have their own standards of honor, or can attain honor according to the Klingon uses of the term.

Most New Klingons agree with their Real Klingon counterparts that Klingons are meant to rule the galaxy. New Klingons feel that they can do so with the help of non-Klingon partners and friends.

While Real Klingons hate New Klingons, and seek excuses for battle, New Klingons do not especially dislike the Real Klingons. New Klingons view Real Klingons as faintly closed minded, xeno-phobic, and provincial.

But if a Real Klingon offers battle, the New Klingon is liable to take him up on it. New Klingons are just as violent and love to fight as much as any other Klingons.


The Klingon Empire is expanding beyond the ability of the Klingon race to breed warriors to conquer and defend it. Recent years have been hard on the warrior caste. The pressure to become a warrior is destroying traditional Klingon society. Klingons are not a race of only warriors. They have a deep and multivariate culture like any other race. They are the victims of their own success. The need for warriors is depleting the ranks of Klingons that are not warriors. Whole traditions are in danger of being lost. For example there is one family of bards left, and they have no sons.

The Klingon race is very much in danger of becoming Sparta, a society where the citizens are only warriors, and the clients hold power over them by doing everything else. This is a dangerous development, and like Sparta their foes would need only arm the clients to destroy them. That doesn't even address the loss of the traditions of the non-warrior castes.

The New Klingon solution is to engage the clients. To expand the meaning of "Klingon" to include anyone that would live the life. Not just warriors, but makers and maintainers as well. The full range of Klingon society. What one is part of one will defend. Racial Klingons cannot out breed the problem, a creative solution is required. This has been done where the Klinzai were concerned, why not the other clients as well?

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