The Nia class is a basic Constitution class heavy cruiser modified for Ane command and control. The exterior is unmodified as are the weapons and performance. All changes are to the deck layout and control systems. Bios were advanced even in 2260. The computer system was Dualtronic.

Crew was 200 Ane and some 300 various telepresence biomechs. The RI program was not in place as of yet. Telepathic interfaces were on all controls for the ship.

The Ane crew was 200 mainly due to the difference in size. Ane averaging 116kg mass a little over twice the average humanoid. Ane might mass twice as much, which matters in terms of life support, but each is still one person with one brain.

In 2274 all three remaining Nia class cruisers were fitted with the new Crystalmind computers with RI crew. The chronic undermanned state of the vessels was relieved. No Ane ship has sailed without RI crew since.

While these four ships are not considered an unqualified success, they did prove the concept that Ane, with the proper equipment, could command and use starships. Their contribution was added to and expanded on in further designs.

Ane ships have never used "NCC" numbers even when under Starfleet Command. The numbers refer to the class type -- heavy cruiser, frigate, scouts et., and the number of said type that have been built. "CA" refers to heavy cruisers.

When under Ane Defense Force command the ships have an "ADF" prefix and "USS" when under Starfleet.

Enterprise D ScaleEdit

Identical to the performance of the Constitution class

  • Science capacity - 200 - Less lab or crew for science, sensors less advanced.
  • Crew Comfort - 200 - quarter the crew, an eighth the volume.
  • Duration - 1000 - smaller in every way but equipped for that size.
  • Medical facilities - 400 - Neither the space or the staff.
  • Tactical maneuvering - 1400 - Lighter and quicker.
  • Strategic Speed - 500 Cruise WF 6, Flank WF 8 old scale
  • Defense - 400 - Class 6 shields Good for the day.
  • Offense - 250 - class 6 weapons, top of the game for her time.
  • Versatility - 600 - She did the cruiser mission without the space or crew.
  • Internal Security - 600 - People were always getting in.

Ships in the ClassEdit

  • Nia CA 01 -- Build 2260 -- Destroyed in a clash with agressing Klingon D-10 cruisers. The Klingon High Command denied any knowledge of the incursion. This along with other incidents led to the subsequent war and the Organian Treaty.
  • Colinar CA 02 -- Built 2260 -- Decommissioned in 2284. She is preserved at the El Nanth Spacedock as part of the Memory System collection.
  • Covenant CA-03 -- Built 2262 -- Decommissioned in 2288 El Nanth spacedock
  • Ansisi CA-04 -- Built 2262 -- Decommissioned in 2289 El Nanth spacedock

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