It's ... A Starship...

Nojineok is the Commanding Officer of Asteroid Base Ateb.

Nojineok is a professional Astronaut and Space Explorer. He is a man of firm moral convictions, even if he is not always able to articulate them clearly. Nojineok saw space exploration and the advancement of humanity through space development as a sort of calling, and a sort of path to redemption.

Nojineok was a pilot during Arrae's Great War. He left his wartime experience deeply anti-war and committed to pushing for a more ethical frame of mind on Arrae.

Wormhole ExtremeEdit

After breakaway, Nojineok held Asteroid Base Ateb together through force of personality and an unwavering committment that - whatever they did, they'd do it the right way.

In Numerous encounters with the weird and unusual in space, Nojineok and his crew solidified into a tight space exploring and adventuring unit.


When encountered by the USS Discovery, Nojineok was at first braced for another encounter with the weird and unusual. When the Discovery turned out not to be threat, but interested in helping, Nojineok lept at the chance to see his crew transported to safety.

However, joining the crew of the Discovery has undone many of the assumptions that underlay the relationships of the people of Ateb.

Nojineok, removed from the central position of command is struggling to redefine himself in the context of the Discovery.


Nojineok has officially joined Starfleet and is currently in command of the Dolphin class USS Arrae NCC 98453, a fleet dolphin, He is joined by many of his comrades from Asteroid Base Ateb.

With the location of Arrae by Rotamgreb Nojineok is "enjoying" mixed feelings. Arrae is too far away to reach currently, and there is a lot of history he's missed in the 500 plus years they have been missing. 

On the positive side communicates is open with the less uptight colony worlds and other peoples in the area. They did finally get a replicator pattern for reloak.

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