The Norg Republic lies to the coreward of the Aslan extents of the Trantorian Empire. The republic consists of five species and an large number of protectorates of a primitive nature.

The Norg Republic is within easy reach of Splendor and is a part of that project.

They are highly militarized to hold off the acquisitive empire to the rimward.


Ship are in the class 8 to 11 category equal to the Trantorian Empire. The usual form is a 600 to 800 meter slab sided ship with side mounted nacelles.

The Norg have replicators.

Prime SpeciesEdit

  • Norg -- a some what ape looking Humanoid.
  • Billyog -- a stout race with a pig like face that has a short trunk. Think a hairless Tellerite with a foot long nose.
  • Narveen -- a deer-like creature sort of thin and ethereal Aneilog, same weight, but a foot taller in dark red. They have fur, really big eyes and wear goggles all the time. They are native to a red dwarf star.

Minor SpeciesEdit

  • Furries -- Elevated animals from Sofuked. 11 core species without a world to live on.

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