The Norg Republic lies to the coreward of the Aslan extents of the Trantorian Empire. The republic consists of five species and an large number of protectorates of a primitive nature.

The Norg Republic is within easy reach of Splendor and is a part of that project.

They are highly militarized to hold off the acquisitive empire to the rimward.


The Norg have replicators. Most worlds are on an energy economy.

Ship are in the class 8 to 11 category equal to the Trantorian Empire. The usual form is a 600 to 800 meter slab sided ship with side mounted nacelles.

Republic Cruiser

Prime SpeciesEdit

  • Norg -- a some what ape looking Humanoid.
  • Billyog -- a stout race with a pig like face that has a short trunk. Think a hairless Tellerite with a foot long nose.
  • Narveen -- a deer-like creature sort of thin and ethereal Aneilog, same weight, but a foot taller in dark red. They have fur, really big eyes and wear goggles all the time. They are native to a red dwarf star.

Minor SpeciesEdit

  • Furries -- Elevated animals from Sofuked. 11 core species without a world to live on. The actual beings were rescued. The location has been overrun by the As'lan.