2293 Never commisioned

This ship was built around an idea, a drastic and abandoned idea, of the resonance torpedo. This weapon, believed to be an outgrowth of the failed "Project Genesis" would cause a star to "nova" that is to explosively shed a layer of gas. This would devastate any inhabited world within the system of that star. The Ane stopped the project while it was underway, and the two ships begun were mothballed in progress.

However, it has been believed that no part or parts from the two near complete vessels has ever been seen. For years the Ane would not answer any questions about these ships. As to the resonance torpedo, the only comment they will make is "It did not function as theorized."

The Ane reluctance to "admit" anything about the Nova has been traced down to the ears pinned "You didn't ask" reaction. Intelligence operatives sneaking about and trying to learn things covertly were cheerfully sent to chase red herring after red herring. Usually in as close proximity to the unfinished and mothballed hulls as possible. Someone finally asked directly and nicely. The Nova hulls were too specialized to refit as standard cruisers and were mothballed for five years looking for something they could do.

Hull number BB-01 was completed as the ADF Guinea Pig TBH-01. It has been the warp core, nacelle, and weapon test bed for the ADF since. It is seldom recognized because it never looks the same from roll out to roll out and was never properly painted in ADF colors. It has a weird three nacelle layout, two older HE warp drives to move it and one test nacelle. Likewise two completely separate warp power systems, the test bed and the driver. Weapons vary from test to test.

BB-02 was scraped. Rumors of Ane super ships were just that, rumors.

Guinea Pig
ADF Guinea Pig, Rigged to test the Manta nacelle

The resonance torpedo was a case of a bad idea taken too far. Such a weapon has no legitimate use under the Federation philosophy, we do not destroy worlds, and would only provoke possible enemies to develop similar weapons, a development that would end well for no one. The theoretical work was finished and any program for practical application dropped.

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