Odyssey schematic

The Odyssey class

By 2395, both the Sovereign and the Galaxy were older ships. Not used up or antiquated by any means. But they weren't the biggest and shiniest new ships.

The Ane built the Dolphin class cruisers and Earth saw it as a challenge.

So the Odyssey class was born.

The Odyssey class fills the same role in the fleet as the earlier Galaxy class starships, Tent-pole flagships. they are the most prestigious ships, manned by elite crews and constantly running from one problem to the next.

The Odyssey class is about 35% bigger than a Galaxy class. The Odyssey advanced the state of the art for Starship design. New designs based on the Odysseytechnology base are in the works to fill the common roles in Starfleet.

After the Odyssey, the next ship in the class was the Enterprise NCC-1701-E Commanded by Va'Kel Shon of Andor, launched in 2409.

The Odyssey class mounts class 12 shields and phasers, and field upgrades up to class 14 are often seen.


In Star Trek Online the Odyssey class Enterprise is the Enterprise-F, but in ST-OM it's the E-E.

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