Omicron Ares 4 is a dry dusty world contacted in the years of the first Diaspora.

In 2065 the Ares Venture departed for a known class M world around Omicron Ares. To date it was the largest privately funded exploration mission. The 16 men and women of the Ares Venture were a hand-picked dream team. To the best of anyone's knowledge the effort was a total disaster. The Ares Venture vanished into to deep space.

Thirty years later the Earth force vessel UES Triton orbited the world of Omicron Ares 4, the flagship of an anti-Qzin battle fleet . The desert world was not the green lush place promised by the astronomers. Its ancient and dying people lived on a dried up husk of a world. The wreck of the Ares Venture was found, and the expedition did have one survivor. One that had not set out on the voyage. The Aresians returned Michael Valentine Smith, as the doomed ship's logs called him to his own people. The ancient people returned Smith, and bid the Earthmen withdraw. It didn't take a lot of convincing to get them to do so. To this day Omicron Ares 4 is under strict quarantine.

In 2380 the Aresians broke their long time silence and asked the Ane to come and take the history of their race. A history not to be told until the last Old One fades from memory. An event we understand is not far away.


From all indications the Aresians or a breakaway rebel group of Aresians were the Iconians.


Omicron Ares 4 stands in for Mars of the Pulp Age. If Heinlein or Burroughs sends someone to a dry cold used up Mars, I mentally substitute Omicron Ares 4. It can't be too far away from Earth since there was travel there in the old days when Warp Drives were new, men were men, women were women and small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri were small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri.

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