An Anglish man. Formerly the Trantorian Minister of Defense and considered the chief toady of the late Emperor Eorgegai Frutex II. Campus made countless excuses for the Emperor's less than successful campaigns. He fled Trantor when a civil war and coup re-arranged the ruling class in the typical Anglish manner, Frutex II was found dead and leaking on the floor of the palace.

Campus spent about a year fleeing from place to place with a rather large retinue, wife, 2 mistresses, children and assorted staff, some 42 persons in all, and lots of money. Campus was wanted not for treason, but malfeasance in office. The charge is laid out that he manipulated "facts" to the detriment of the Empire for the benefit of himself and his cronies. He is also considered criminal in his handling of Imperial forces during conflict. He got people killed by insisting on unsound tactics.

Campus fled into the Federation by first booking passage on, then commandeering Ohnjie Peevidi's ship at gun point. He was spooked by a Trantoan battleship that wasn't even looking at them. Campus committed an act of piracy. At Trial Campus was declared unfit by reason of cultural abuse and placed into protective custody. His five sons, parties in the hijacking, were likewise committed.

The money was awarded to Ohnjie Peevidi for the loss of his vessel. Campus' Wife, mistresses, children, and staff were put on the list of political refugees resident on Oz. They receive the Basic Living Stipend and presumably are considering how to advance their lives in the Ozian context, otherwise know as "Honest Work".

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