The Angrosians are a humanoid race found on the far side of the Klingon Empire based out of he world called Othned

In the Starbase 600 game, the Angrosians started a war with the Federation that led them to being a protectorate of the UFP, developing over time into UFP members.

General: Angrosians are Humanoids averaging 1.7 meters tall Averaging 75 kg

Nature of Members: Angrosians are placental mammals, they have a gestation of nine months. They are Omnivorous.  They can digest cellulose, but find it mostly a waste of time. The Angrosians have a woody-orange light-brown skin tone, but can be found in shades from white pine to mahogany. Their hair is green, a color which can change over time.

This hair color comes from a symbiotic life form which does photosynthesis. An Angrosians who has lost these has flat white hair, which Angrosians find vaguely unpleasant. An Angrosians in this condition is unhealthy.

he Angrosians have an aggressive set of symbiotic bacteria. These are not harmful to the Angrosians, but account for the Angrosian ability to digest celluslose if only poorly.

Angrosians symbiotic bacteria can infect other species with various effects.  Vulcan/Orion bio chemistry is poisonous to the bacteria, and so will not be infected.  Humans and Klinzai can get skin rashes and other unpleasant infections. 

it is generally recommended to avoid intimate contact with Angrosians for this reason,  Such infections are easily treatable. 

In any Game System (D20, GURPS, Hero system) an Angrosian would be built like a normal human.

History: Angrosians come from a world they call "Oth that was".  Oth was used up in a cyberpunk binge.  The Angrosians built insanely large space arcs and fled to a star Cluster they named "Vers"

They arrived in the Vers Cluster about 500 years ago and began colonizing and building up a civilization.  The current Othned language is a Creole formed from the two most commonly spoken languages on "Oth that Was"

Geography: The Vers Cluster is due south of the Klingon Empire about  90 Light years away from  the Klingon Frontier.  The Malovids are between the Othned and the Klingon Empire.

The Vers Cluster is composed of several smaller stars and brown dwarves orbiting a blue supergiant star  which is surrounded by a nebula. The nebula diffuses the light from the Blue Giant,  creating a large habitable zone.

The Vers cluster contains several inhabited Othned planets.  5 core worlds, 9 developing worlds and 12 rim worlds. (27 Class M worlds, in total)

The 5 core worlds have high population and technological bases.  The 9 developing worlds have lower population and mixed technology.  The rim worlds are inhabitable by Angrosians,  but if you go out there, you're basically on your own.  Angrosians on those world use beasts of burden and primitive tools, combined with what they can scrounge from the more affluent worlds. 

Poverty is endemic,  but if if you work hard, get lucky and grease the right palms,  you can make a fortune on the Rim.

Government: Gov't, blah Meta: The Angrosians and Othned are a way to Borrow the Firefly and Serenity Verse and put it into Star Trek. 

Othned 2

Angrosian Woman

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