• Created by: Garry Stahl
  • Appearance: Starbase 600 game Poppies Poppies is the store that doesn't appear in the Vulcan Murder Mystery game.
  • Number of Members: 10 Stanban and his bondgroup that helps him with the shop and carves pretty rocks into things.
  • Nature of Members: Merchants, and crafters
  • Organization: Store
  • Game Role: Another crazy thing on Oz.
  • World Role: Another crazy thing on Oz
  • Relative Influence: Minor
  • Public or Secret?: Public. How else do you sell stuff?
  • Publicly Stated Goal: Sell stuff. A steady source of cred by acting as a location for crafters to sell their work.
  • Relative Wealth: Minor, one store
  • Group advantages: Good location
  • Group disadvantages: A joke no one will ever get.
  • Those who favor them: People looking for souvenirs
  • Those opposed to them: The one in a million that gets it.
  • Area of Operation: Emerald City, Oz.
  • Headquarters Location: Only location
  • Public Face: Buy our stuff. What flowers?
  • Notable Members: Stanban Founder. Therlan Mentioned in the game moves.
  • History of the Organization: Poppies, Poppies opened a couple of years ago in the Emerald City. They sell hand made crafts to people looking for a unique memento of their stop on Oz. They carry nothing with, of, or about flowers, especially poppies.

    Everything in Poppies, Poppies is hand made. The point to a souvenir is that it should be unique to the location you got it in. Replicated stuff isn't unique to anything. So the usual tourist kish has vanished. High class hand made craft objects from fine sculpture to little baskets and the like populate the shop. It is a combination flea market crafts and fine art gallery. The store is nothing singular in the Galaxy. It's equivalent can be found in any space port in the Federation. This one is on Oz.

    The Poppies are stone carvers that make a good deal of the shop's goods. They also sell on consignment. Any flower related item they make they sell on consignment at a different shop. It's just their personal weirdness.

    One item in the shop is a battered 45 single in a frame with a faded label. It is not for sale.

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