or QIn puprach wl' in the original Klingon. "Spear invigilator".

This is an authentic adventurer's inn transplanted to Renaissance Station. they are located in the main promenade of the spire with the majority of businesses open to the public. It's a very Klingon place, smells Klingon, feels Klingon. If you look at who's in there, It's both Klingons and galactic folks who like Klingon-ness.

They have a live fire roasting a (replicated) haunch of beast. Heavy wooden tables and benches. Real Viking chic with banners from ships that have passed through. (Each Klingon ship has it's own banner the way Starfleet ships have their mission patches.) Small ones impaled to the wooden walls (replicated) with a Klingon nail gun. The furniture is all replicated heavy Klingon wood. If it gets smashed, they can put it back into the replicator and draw out new ones.
Fantasy Inn
It uses pewter mugs, (with measuring lines all up and down the sides), plate and cutlery. There is a beat-up juke-box, old Klingon tech, with huge lit plastic buttons, and built like a '57 Buick. They have a stage for live music acts and a dance floor.

The place is very solidly New-Klingon. If you can play the music loud, dance and shake the joists, handle the booze and handle a weapon, they like you fine. Real Klingons who give them a ration about purity may get beaten and 86'ed if they push it.

It is a contact place for Klingon commercial shipping - business is done, crew people are hired, cargoes are negotiated. Sometimes mercenaries hang out there, too. If you're looking for a batch of Klingons and others to be "out of town talent" for a special job, you can probably find takers there.

In the back, the kitchen is modern, and all the fittings for actual operation are first rate.

The rooms are decorated in "Rustic Klingon Adventuring Inn" but have the modern amenities.

The owner and his wife are an older Klingon kouple who, back in the day were on the Klingon stage, actors - the setting and props are from several popular Klingon plays. They were part of a troupe, who, along with their transport crew successfully resisted and counter attacked a raiding pirate. With the prize money they went into business on a Klingon world, and were later ruined when their city was bombarded in the Real-Klingon/New-Klingon civil war.

K'rrak is their (un)silent partner. He'd visited their first inn, Liked it, and when they passed through as part of the refugee flow, he asked them to re-establish on Renaissance Station.

Yes, the couple who run it are fans of the bard, as well as several other Klingon and other playwrights.

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