Qevan Van Houten Edit

     Klingon Bard and Moderator

     Kevin van Houten: Kevin is, without doubt, the 'least serious' of the contributors to Trek Creative. Kevin has no story-arcs to his credit, does not model, owns very little Trek-related material and has been to exactly one convention. (At which by his report he had a great time) Kevin's small talent tends toward the 'poetical' end of the creative spectrum and he is particularly fond of producing song parodies and filksongs.

     Kevin's alter ego, Qe'van, is one of the few remaining members of the Klingon "Bard" caste, while Kevin is a mundane husband, father, grandfather and computer consultant living in one of the ubiquitous suburbs of Dallas. Qe'van lives in an alternate-reality Deep Space Nine and is a former Poet Laureate of Qo'noS.

Kevin died in Early 2016. His sense of humor and lively manner will be missed.