The quantum torpedo is a torpedo in use by Starfleet.

It is about the same size, shape and power requirements as a Photon Torpedo, but, using advanced technology, the Quantum Torpedo is effectively armor piercing. 

Quantum torpedoes were designed to penetrate shields, a reaction to the disappointing effects when the Borg adapted to photon torpedoes and phasers.  Although designed as an anti-borg weapon, quantum torpedoes proved effective against everyone and as such it becme the primary strike weapon on Federation starships in the later 24th and early 25th centuries. 

The lower the technolgy level of opposing shields, the more armor piericing the quantum torpedo is, until it winds up ignoring the shields althogether.

There are rumors that advanced Romulan shields resist this effect.


In ST-OM, Photon torpedoes work like they do in Star Fleet Battles,  demanding a solid energy drain and requiring some tactical acumen to use well. 

In order to model a Quantum Torpedo as I am picturing it here,  in Star Fleet Battles, one would have to come up with a technology advancement table and then rate each ship's relative advancement, and then adjust the QT's ability to penetrate according to relative advancement of the firing ship and the target ship. 

I am sure someone, somewhere has done this sort of thing already. 

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