This is the self chosen name of a faction in Klingon Politics. The "Real Klingons" oppose the New Klingons

The Real Klingon faction is predicated on the belief that the Klingons are the master race - the pinnicle of Galactic evolution. Other races are at best fit for slavery. Their word for non-Klingon races is "Kuve" the same word for "Slave".

With some other races, the "Real Klingon" Faction takes the position that they must exterminated to the last individual. Examples include Romulans, Vulcans, Humans and Qzin.

Real Klingons assert that other races aren't truly intelligent or alive in the truest Klingon sense.

The Real Klingon faction clashes violently with the New Klingons when this comes up. Real Klingons consider New Klingons to be naive dupes, idiots or race-traitors.

See: New Klingon

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