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The Realm of Ko'ot Edit

The Realm of Ko'ot is one of the Kogari Kingdoms. Originally a Zarian Frontier colony, of mixed Bykaler/Zarian popuation. It absorbed a lot of refugees from the Bykaler Uprising, mainly Bykaler and Zarians who wanted to opt out of the conflict.

Ko'ot was considered traitorous and back-stabby by other Kogari powers, but the relationship evolved towards a more friendly rivalry.

Realm of Ko'ot Zarian Humans, and Bykaler Kogari - unofficial Alliance If it's good for the Ko'ot, it must be good! Kogari Powers, Vargr, occasionally Klingons B-UFP, Kogari Powers, Vargr, occasionally Klingons Ko'ot 1 One of a handful of small powers playing Monkey Barrel in the region - composed of Bykaler and humans, proves the two can work together

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