Robert Justman appears here because he is installed into my timeline in a strong way. He is named for the producer Robert Justman

Justman is the second of my characters named for the crew people I saw in the credits of Star Trek, making him a relative of sorts of Irving Fineburg. Justman was made up for the USS Ezekiel Game. I was borrowing heavily from my reading of H Beam Piper. When that game folded, Justman went on hold. I got hold of Paul Jaquay's Central Casting Books and created some more background for Justman.

Afterwards Justman became part of the background for Jay-Trek - A Heroic Starship Captain of the 2280s and 2290s.

I created Bob Justman with no knowledge of the real Robert Justman at all. This is a fictional character bearing the same name.

Created By:Edit

Jay P Hailey

Full Name: Robert Howard Justman

Species: Human

Planet: Benson (An Earth Colony)


Robert Justman

Birthdate: 2240

Birthplace: Benson City

Age: 65 in 2305 (Middle aged)

Sex: Male

Height: 6'

Weight: 185 lbs.

Build: Moderately athletic

Description: A tall, generically handsome man with a catchy smile.

Skin coloring: Caucasian

Eyes: Blue

Hair (color, style, and length): brown, with salt-and-pepper streaks. Worn short.

Rank: Captain


Commanding Officer USS Savannah

Current Assignment:Edit

USS Savannah in 2305


(when on duty): A clean cut Boy Scout with some time in grade (when on personal time, clothing style, etc): Wears comfortable but durable clothing.

Routine Activities:Edit

Long distance running, boxing, current affairs studies.

Skills/Training/Professional Skills:Edit

Justman is a competent and experienced starship command officer. He is a trained pilot and starship helmsman, although his skills may be rusty. He is an experienced soldier. Justman is also a skilled diplomat and experienced representative of the Federation.

Relative Fighting Ability -Fighting/Shooting/Tactics?Edit

Justman is a skilled and experienced soldier. His fighting ability is above average as is his understanding of tactics. Justman is highly skilled with a phaser and slug thrower.

Financial Status:Edit

Relative to the standard Federation citizen, above average. Relative to other Starship captains his age and renown, below average. Justman doesn't worry about money that much. As a life long serviceman, he's never had to learn the value of a credit.

Group Affiliations:Edit

The Federation. The Benson Militia. Starfleet.


Justman is easygoing and very difficult to ruffle. His calm and gentle demeanor is catchy.

Ambitions and Goals:Edit

To retire an ancient and respected Admiral

Psychological Quirks and Problems:Edit

Justman is an old hand at over coming post traumatic stress disorder. When startled he may be violent. When it's time to fight, Justman doesn't hesitate and goes for the jugular. The transition from easy-going captain to killer is sudden.


Not detailed. They are alive on Benson, doing well and basking in the success of their son. They did loose the family farm during the civil war but this is long since been rebuilt.


Justman has one Sibling, a sister who resents him. He has cousins on Earth and Standish that he has not met.


None established at this time. In a relationship Justman seems standoffish and vague. This has scuttled his relationships so far.

Enemies (And why):Edit

Generic enemies of the Federation.


Justman identifies with the underdog and isn't afraid of battling against the odds. He comes of as vaguely happy and detached. This is because he doesn't communicate his positive emotions well. His emotional barometer is tuned around "are people shooting at me now?" and it's hard for more mundane things to get a reaction.

Justman likes to gamble, and thinks he's a better card player than he is.

History and Experiences Which have Affected Character Greatly:Edit

2228 - Benson Settled

2240 - Bob Justman born on Benson

2258 - Bob Justman Accepted to Academy age 18

  • Benson Civil War begins
  • Justman joins the colonial independence forces. He serves on an armed cargo flyer, which is used as a gunship and troop transport. He sees heavy fighting on several occasions and barely escapes with his life.

2262 - Benson civil war ended By USS Hood

Bob Justman at the Academy age 26

The Benson Colonists consider the Constitution Class USS Hood and her crew heroes. Battle hardened vet Bob Justman begins academy

2266 - Bob Justman graduates Starfleet Academy

2267 - Bob Justman Cadet Cruise USS Vincent NCC-2709 age 27

  • Bob Justman Helm Officer age 28

2273 - Bob Justman serves on USS Saratoga age 37

2276 - Bob Justman goes to Command School

2277 - Bob Justman serves XO USS Independence age 40

2283 - Bob Justman XO USS Hood Age 47

  • Justman getting a command level posting on the USS Hood is considered a propitious sign by Bensonians, Including Justman.

2284 - Bob Justman shipwrecked for 6 months. He learns Wilderness survival skills.

2287 - Bob Justman Commands USS Izar along Klingon neutral zone age

2293 - Bob Justman Commands USS Hood on his first five year mission

  • Justman being placed in Command of the Hood is a major "Local boy makes good" event on Benson.

2298 - USS Hood completes Bob Justman's first five-year mission

2299 - Bob Justman commands last mission of USS Hood age 59

  • Constitution class USS Hood Destroyed in Combat w/ pirates. The ship is mangled heroically defending a colony against a heavy pirate assault.

2305 - USS Savannah Launched

USS Hood (New) Launched

Bob Justman Takes Command of USS Savannah.

Justman over saw the construction and fitting out of the Excelsior Class USS Hood and was convinced he'd be her Commanding officer, but at the last minute, political considerations came into play. Justman was separated from the USS Hood and moved to command the also brand new Excelsior class USS Savannah.

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