The Romulan War was a war fought between Allied powers and/or the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire. The was was fought in the 22nd century. It was a bitter, hard fought war that left resentment, hard feelings and trauma in it's wake. The chief reference for this war is the TOS Episode "Balance of Terror"

There are different versions of this war in different continuities

Epiphany TrekEdit

In the Epiphany Trek version of events, the Federation Formed first and then encountered the Romulan Empire. This version of events is described by The Starflight Chronology and FASA Possibly the Star Trek Technical Manual

This version has the advantage of remaining most compatible with the first generation of "Treknical" materials.


Contact -- Captain Howard Nelson and the USS Ulysses S. Grant are sent after a subspace signal in hopes of finding the Federation some allies in this desperate fight. The road is long, and what they find might not be to everyone's liking.

To the Victor -- Captain Nelson and The Grant are sent into the teeth of the war. Denial on the home front and the lengthening casualty list make for a difficult mission. Can they maintain morale and return the victors?

The Spoils of War --With public denial at an all time high, Admiral Richard Barnard takes matters, and a saucy woman reporter, into the field on a desperate rescue mission. Will the newly commissioned Daedalus be up to the tasks demanded of her?


ST-OM Uses the later continuity dating from the Okuda Star Trek Chronology, Star Trek Encyclopedia, and later Role Playing Games.

This posits that the founding planets of the federation came together in an alliance to fight the Romulan Empire and later found the alliance to their liking, annf formalized it as the Federation.

This reflects the Post WWII origin of the United Nations and NATO that Later writers used as a template for the Federation. Jayphailey 03:11, December 25, 2009 (UTC)

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