Starfleet Starship Size Categories:Edit

These were used by Starfleet to describe the rough size and capability of starships. Compare to The rating system of the British Royal Navy from 1600 to about 1850.

  • Size Class 0 = Some Very Large Monsters
  • Size Class 1 = Starbases
  • Size Class 2 = Dreadnoughts and other Large Ships
  • Size Class 3 = Cruisers (Heavy, Light, etc)
  • Size Class 4 = Destroyers, Frigates, Escorts, Etc
  • Size Class 5 = PFs, Interceptors, Small/Medium Ground Bases
  • Size Class 6 = Shuttlecraft, Fighters, Heavy Fighters
  • Size Class 7 = Missiles, Plasma Torpedoes, Mines

This system of size classification was broken by the USS Excelsior and fell out of use by 2299.


I borrowed this from Star Fleet Battles. I borrow a lot of my image of how starships work from SFB, and especially in the TOS time period.

I also borrow a lot from FASA, but I find FASA not so well organized as SFB.

Jayphailey 03:24, 30 August 2009 (UTC)

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