The SS Carbuncle is a J class free trader common from the 23th century though the 24th. Well maintained examples can still be found.. It is capable of warp speed and planetary landing this ship was a civilian ship for carrying commercial cargo.

This particular ship is notable for being the early home and training ground for Li'ira Mary O'Keefe, the first Green Orion Woman to become a flag officer.

The vessel was sold to Starfleet for the Minnow Missions. It is not the ship it once was. It currently roams the Trantorian Empire raking in cultural data.

Minnow "class" ships receive extensive "in skin" refits that amount to a total rebuild that looks to change nothing. What looks like your typical put-put free trader is really a powerful, fast scout ship with great sensors.

The SS Carbuncle continues to serve in this fashion.

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