The SS Desiderata a privately owned Euphrates class ship outfitted as a luxury yacht capable of going to dangerous places by Jerry LaSaille.

The SS Desiderata was primarily used from 2290 to 2360. She is still in service outfitted with third generation diLithium HE drives and stationed at Starbase 600 for use as needed. She was the primary ship in the "Radio Free Onethed" Mission commanded by Captain Brett Tyson.

Jerry LaSaille replaced her with the SS Serendipity built on a Manta class hull.

The SS Desiderata was returned d to Builder Station at the end of the Radio Free Onethed mission. She is no longer considered spry enough for service. She was retired with what remained of the Euphrates class fleet. She is docked next to the USS Kongo NCC-1710

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