This Episode focuses on the USS Cincinnatus. It describes an encounter the Ship has while circumnavigating the Klingon Empire. The Cincinnatus is on her way to rendesvous with the USS Discovery in order to provide repair and support.

It is, of course, better to read the story, itself.


Kcallan, an interceptor pilot, flies his airplane into the stratosphere to intercept a UFO. He encounters the Federation starship USS Cincinnatus, struggling to escape.


Stardate - 52201.1 or Feb, 2375


  • Celan
  • Fuzzy
  • Guardian Flight
  • Jan Hutchinson
  • Nuon
  • Republic of Aaia
  • Zsorlor


Kcallan is a Aean Pilot. He flies for the Republic of Aaia, opposing the Nuon. Kcallan flies the Wyvern Class Interceptor.

Usually Kcallan loved to fly (The Wyvern)

Despite the fact that the mission was weird, and a combat launch could mean the end of the world in a nuclear holocaust, Kcallan could not keep the grin off his face.

Looking at Kcallan, Li'ira saw a small man, with a fit, athletic bearing. He seemed to be made of springs and nervous energy. His skin was blue, like an Andorian's, or a Bolian's. He was bald except for eyebrows.

Kcallan grimaced, "I have a wife! Children! A Home!"

"My duty is to escape and report," Kcallan said.

"I'm getting out of here, and you're going to help, or else," Kcallan's voice was a subdued growl. He discovered two things about himself. First, that he'd open the pink girl from neck to crotch if he had to. Second, he didn't like himself for being willing to do it.'



Meta 1Edit

This episode desscribes an encounter with the Ovids and conflict with the Klingons. These were incidents role played in Epiphany Trek with the USS Dannon.

I had trouble arranging these encounters into a plot that spoke to me for the USS Cincinnatus. In the end I bypassed the events, and used them to set up the Cincinnatus being damaged and struggling.

Meta 2Edit

This Episode is a re-telling of the TOS episode Tomorrow is Yesterday.

I wrote it to illustrate my contention that time travel is unnecessary in Star Trek. The trick instead being to write sympathetic characters to stand in conflict with the Trek crew.

The title Tomorrow is Tomorrow is intended to suggest the unpredictablity and uncertainty of the future.

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