• 300,000,000 BCE - An alien ship of insectoid beings is invaded by a magnetic organism. Trapped in orbit of Questar M17, the crew disable their own ship to prevent the spread of the entity. (TAS: Beyong the Farthest Star )
  • 86,997,600 BCE - An immense informational archive is constructed by a civilization in the Darsays system, near Sector 1156. Over the passage of time it will drift into interstellar space and be taken for a comet. (TNG 7X17: Masks )
  • 64,020,410 BCE - June: An Asteroid hits earth near the Yucatan, exterminating the Dinosaurs
  • 6,000,000 BCE - Roughly during this time, the Organians undergo the metamorphosis from organic Humanoids into pure energy beings.
  • 4,000,000 BCE - The Preservers seed various planets.

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