• 997,800 BCE - Oyya, the 2,000 square kilometer city of the Guardian of Forever, is established on the Time Planet (Gateway) by the Originators. (TOS 1X28: City on the Edge of Forever )
  • 597,636 BCE - (Age of Makto) The Tkon Empire dies out when its home planet's sun goes nova. At the height of their power, the Tkon Empire numbered in the trillions and according to legend, the Tkon had the power to move stars. (TNG 1X05: The Last Outpost )
  • 497,700 BCE - The once Class M planet Arret's atmosphere is ripped away during civil war. A handful of survivors take shelter in subterranean caves. (TOS 1X22: Return to Tomorrow )
  • 497,600 BCE - The Ylans complete their Artifact, an interstellar museum of art. Over the next half million years it will become a starship trap.
  • 400,000 BCE - Proto-Andorians make the first semi permanent settlements in the Kul'Sun region. (LUG)
  • 300,000 BCE - The Rishans emplace an Artifact which creates the "Badlands"; area becomes a natural border bwteen the Cardassian Union and the Federation. The Maquis will use it as a hiding place. (Cincinnatus )
  • 297,736 BCE - The xenophobic Kh!lict civilization arises on the planet Careta IV. Over the next millennia they will exterminate every intelligent race they encounter. The Kl!lict extermination will account for 73% of the 'orphan' cultures in the sector.
  • 296,000 BCE - With the sun dimming and Careta IV's geothermal resources tapped to the max, the Kl!ict civilization collapses.

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