197,635 BCE

The Iconian Empire dies out when the homeworld is annihilated by orbital bombardment, but not before tens of thousands of Iconians escape to the remote outposts of Ikkabar, DiWahn, and Dynasia. Kanda Jiak, the last Iconian, deserts Iconia via a Gateway.

100,000 BCE

The first anatomically modern human appears on Earth

This is the era during which the Jindarians end their terrestrial existence and travel as gypsies throughout the galaxy. Their first ships are powered asteroids. Their place of origin shall remain a mystery. [SFB]
97,800 BCE Atomic warfare on Talos IV destroys the surface of the planet and drives the Talosians underground. While they develop impressive mental powers their technology degenerates and eventually they will lose all knowledge of their ancestors' tools and machines. [TOS]
80,000 BCE Rishan civil war is happening around here. Two 30 mile long starships destroy each other. One leaves a standing Plasma Storm that lasts at least until 2374. [Harrier]
49,740 BCE The star Exo begins to dim and will continue to do so over the next half million years. The inhabitants of Exo III (later known as "the Old Ones" by their creations) will be driven underground, resulting in a mechanistic culture of androids. [TOS]
47,735 BCE A marked decrease in volcanic activity occurs on Vulcan. [LUG]
28,000 BCE The First Andorian cities are founded in the Thara Region, Complex tool making and music. [LUG]
11,000 BCE At approximately this time in the Delta Quadrant, the Caretaker's people, extragalactic beings, encounter the Ocampa homeworld and accidentally destroy the atmosphere. Two of the Caretakers elect to remain behind in an immense Array to care for the Ocampa people, having relocated them into a subterranean environment. [VOY]
10,000 BCE The Masters become the fourth native civilization in the Rigel system. An early understanding of philosophy and science allows them to build a massive empire. They may be the Preservers [FASA]
9,999 BCE The Stone Age on Earth: animal domestication and fire are developed.
9,632 BCE A Kurlan Naiskos sculpture is constructed by a Master of Tarquin Hill on the planet Kurl in the Third Dynasty. [TNG]
8,500 BCE The Masters raise up a semi sentient species on their world the Bodas to act as living monuments to their greatness. [FASA]
8,064 BCE The natives of Gamma Trianguli VI complete Vaal: a vast underground computer topped off by a serpent head, and eventually a god to the inhabitants. Kukulkan may have been responsible. [TOS]
7,900 BCE The accelerated Bodas come to a complete understanding of themselves, their dead Masters, and their worksand now call themselves Rigellians. the Boda race is plagued by muscle and bone problems caused by their hasty genetic manipulation. Rigel becomes a trade center. [FASA]
7,735 BCE Fabrina goes nova. The Fabrini escape aboard an immense generation ship called "Yonada". [TOS]
7,732 BCE The volcanic Mount Selaya on Vulcan destroys its peak [LUG]
7,631 BCE The first of 9 "Tears of the Prophet" orbs appear in the skies of Bajor [DS9]
7,737 BCE A 'controller' is installed by the Eymorgs in their underground city on Sigma Draconis VI. [TOS]
7,000 BCE The Rigellians sponsor a number of cooperative ventures in order to educate other races, to correct the damages of their Masters in other star systems, and to regulate trade. Of all of them, only the Rigel Trade Authority does not fail. The Rigellians learn that they cannot teach entire alien cultures to avoid attractive mistakes, no matter how noble their intentions. [FASA]

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