ST-OM Timeline

5,428 BCE On Bajor, civilization flourishes. [DS9]
5,200 BCE The ecosphere of Rigel verges on collapse. The Rigellians adopt draconian measures to combat this disaster. [FASA]
4,745 BCE

Omicron Delta IV, the socalled "Shore Leave Planet" or "Amusement Park Planet" is established by an unknown alien race.

4,700 BCE Founding of fort Aba'Kur on Vulcan [LUG]
4,630 BCE A water gourd archeology item dates from this era, a possession of Captain Picard in 2370. [TNG]
4,500 BCE Sunshine the healer born (approx) [Askene]
The Preservers begin to travel and explore space aggressively. They conduct experiments with transplanting Earth humans else where in the galaxy (And a number of other races, too)

On Askene, the first war of the Raven God Darlu pits Orsa and other humanoid races against the long lived Elauhir, Humans and allied races of that world. In a bitter campaign, the forces of "Darkness" are repulsed. Sunshine serves in this war as a "Ranger" a woodlands commando.

4,400 BCE

On Askene, a cabal of "Dark" Elauhir scheme to take over the world using their patsies, the Empire of Megalos. They are confronted by a ragtag band of freedom loving countries and adventurers. Sunshine serves in this war as a Privateer and a Ranger.

[Askene II]
4,250 BCE On the planet Vulcan, thousands die of the Skag Maug plague. [LUG]
4,200, BCE Sunshine begins her first career as an explorer on the world of Askene [Askene]
4,000 BCE

Hundreds of races come to trade at Rigel. They begin with a small volume then swell to a flood of ships, then fade away. The Rigellians have a ring side seat on History. The Rigellians learn of the preponderence of humanoid races in the Galaxy.

3,834 BCE The Old Timer Known as Flint is Born. In time he will have Identities such as Solomon, Alexander, Lazarus, Methuselah, Johannes Brahms. He is considered a hopeless glory hound by other Old timers. [SHJT]
3,740 BCE Landru, a political figure on UFC 611 (C111)Beta III, dies. All his knowledge lives on in a computer of his own design which will rule this world for the next six thousand years. [TOS]
3,000 BCE All intelligent life in the Beta Portalan system is destroyed by the Flying Parasites. [TOS]
The Kalandan Empire is destroyed by a disease organism. [TOS]
2,980 BCE Imhotep Born, one of the great intellects of Earth history.
2,738 BCE Apollo, an extraterrestrial humanoid, comes to Earth. He will set the pattern of the Greek Gods. [TOS]
2,628 BCE This is the era during which Earth begins using currency, at least according to Nog's research in 2372. [DS9]
2,600 BCE Pyramid of Zozer, Sakkara The stepped Pyramid of Zozer, designed by Imhotep completed at this time
2,550 BCE The Great Pyramid of Khufu <Cheops> begins
2,500 BCE ElAu launches its first Warp Drive Prototype [Discovery]
The tale of Sulen and T'Vhet appears on Vulcan
2,000 BCE

The T'Kar weapon is deployed. This terror weapon unexpectedly kills everyone in the T'Kar solar system, and destroys or damages every being with high psionic potential for 100 light years. Local civilizations fall.


The First El-Aurian Empire is in Full swing. The Great Orion Empire is also in full swing. Around here first generation of genetic therapy for long life happens

The El-Aurian empire begins to seed promising worlds with examples of interesting primitive cultures hoping to preserve diverse cultures for the future They become a third wave of "Preservers" spreading human and other humanoids throughout the galaxy, mystifying later generations [Discovery]
The Metal Age on Earth: agriculture and engineering are developed.
The inhabitants of Altair IV colonize Altair VI. A systemwide civil war is later waged, dropping both worlds into savagery.
1,927 BCE A wandering Glath starship captain named Muark Tan brings to Rigel IV evidence of sentient humanoid life on Botchok, including photographs, tools, weapons, clothing, and three live specimens. It is already too late to undo the tampering, as the value of Orion slaves makes itself felt on the open market. Of all the races the Orions have known, the Rigellians will never deal in the sale of Orion slaves. The thought of the fortune the Rigellians passed up will always inspire deep reverential awe in the Orions. [FASA]
1,900 BCE On Vulcan, Sikar founds the Vulcan School of Medicine. [LUG]
1,794 BCE The Treaty of Kammzdast is signed. The Rigellians sign it in order to preserve peace in the Rigel system. [FASA]
1,500 BCE The T'Kar homeworld's star goes super nova creating the Phoenix Nebula. [Endeavor][Space Atlas 4]
1,426 BCE The Atom War on Botchok occurs. Somchuk Nhat the FarSighted calls the war an example of the failure of diplomacy to handle technological questions. The rebuilding of Botchok will be a centuries long project. [FASA]
1,257 BCE Working Groups of Orions begin leavin Botchok to work on Alien Commercial Starships [FASA]
1,198 BCE Parneb of Thebes designs a temple and supervises its construction on Earth.
1,180 BCE The Senate hall on the Klingon homeworld is built.
1,115 BCE

A contingent of Orions propose the Namazz Accord to the Kammzdast signatories, planning the reEmergence of Botchok.

1,105 BCE For a few days, the Rigellians detain an Orion, Talduk Sik, part of a technical working group about to go outsystem. He is the first Orion that the Rigellians study, and he is carefully interviewed and questioned. [FASA]
1,041 BCE

The Orions Sharu Colony divert a portion of the planet's industrial capacity to their own purposes without being detected.

1,010 BCE Orion navigators and computer watchmen are first used as crew aboard Vegan ships, earning a reputation for reliability. [FASA]
1,000 BCE The El- Aurian Empire mutates into the Second ElAurian Empire, a more static and self satisfied form it endures for quite some time. [Discovery]

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