ST-OM Timeline

999 BCE

The Orion Alliance is forged in secret on Botchok, and the news is passed by word of mouth to every colony. The Alliance declares that every Orion must master the alien technologies they find, with the ultimate aim of liberating Botchok. Orion Chairman, Klendal Hanok the Liberator, warns that victory will come only after many patient years and so subtly that hardly anyone will notice.

970 BCE Orions are now commonly serving on alien merchant vessels. [FASA]
968 BCE The Bema revolt in Orion space. [FASA]
855 BCE The Destruction of Devlarm on Vulcan [LUG]
762 BCE Ferengi tradition stretches back to this era (Quark will claim). This is possibly the era during which the sacred Rules of Acquisition are created by the First Nagus Gint.
753 BCE The City of Rome is founded.
740 BCE Zetar expands into a red giant destroying all corporeal life in the system. The minds of the planet's inhabitants live on, however, and go in search of a host body. [TOS]
730 BCE

S'harien becomes known as Vulcan's greatest swordsmith. The U.S.S. "S'harien" (NCC3107) of the 2290s will be named after him.

663 BCE The Zakdorns gain their reputation of having the most inately stategic minds in the galaxy. [TNG]
642 BCE R'Kaal Infestation defeated by Sajik on Vulcan [LUG]
630 BCE

On Bajor, Trekor prophecizes "When the Vipers tribe appeared through the Temple gates, a sword of stars will appear in the heavens. The Temple will burn and the Gates will be cast open" among other prophecies.

600 BCE Ankord of Jonava Unites Western Voral Region on Andor and becomes an Andorian King Arthur. Beginning of Andorian Medieval period. [LUG]
509 BCE The Roman Republic begins
500 BCE The Sandarans, fleeing from their home star's nova, arrive on Earth and set the pattern of Classical Greece.
495 BCE Pericles, statesman and Simian War naval commander, is born on Earth.
460 BCE Hippocrates, Greek physician, is born on Earth.
450 BCE the Approximate height of Hellenistic greece
The first Vulcan manned landing on Charis is aborted following the extermination of the High House by T'Thelaih. [LUG]
427 BCE Plato of Athens, Greek philosopher, is born on Earth. The Sandarans will name their new world Platonius in his honor. [TOS]
412 BCE Diogenes, a Greek philosopher, is born on Earth.
400 BCE Vulcans make the first landing on Charis (T'Khut), Vulcan's sister planet. [LUG]
250 BCE Chi'in Dynasty
239 BCE Eeiauo is colonized by the Sivaoans
149 BCE The Orion Dawn: the Orions' farflung network of secret supply stations and repair yards allows them to steal armed ships. Botchok has returned to the Status of Starfaring power [FASA]
94 BCE The Orions battle 8 other races in the Orion War. [FASA]
70 BC

The Orion Alliance defeats the Kammzdast Coalition, assuring their freedom.

0 AD The El-Aurian long life treatments become perfected. ElAurians born here after have a functionally unlimited life span. The ElAurian population begins to crash. [Discovery]

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