The Salvor class dockship is another outgrowth of the Planet class cruiser’s extra hulls. They are a seldom used class as most ships that require a dock are dragged to one. The circumstances that requires the dock to go to the ship are few and far between. As a result there are two, one in the Federation Core and one in the Far Sector. They are located at Starbase 304 at Association and Starbase 600 at Oz. They are kept at 24 hours to move notice. They do not patrol. Not a glamor posting.

The main reason for the class, the long folding dock cage, contains lights and tractor points for the handling of high mass objects. Internally she has industrial replicators and workshops to make the needed parts. It can carry major components like warp nacelles under the cage. The Salvor class can also separate the docking cage and run it separately while the main hull functions as a heavy tug.


A dockship is seldom a case of sending the dock to he ship because the ship cannot be moved as in the case of a floating drydock. Starships even ones full of holes do not sink in the space. For some reason they just float there. It is a simple matter to safe the vessel and call a tug to drag it as cargo.

The reason for the dockship is to service vessels involved in forward operations without pulling them far off the front line. A case of moving a functioning dock to the area to be serviced in minimal time.

E-D ScaleEdit

  • Science capacity - 200 - Enough sensors to see, no labs.
  • Crew Comfort - 1000 - Decent accommodations.
  • Duration - 200 - Go where you are going and come back.
  • Medical facilities - 1000
  • Tactical maneuvering - 300 - It is to laugh.
  • Strategic Speed - 14,000 DSWF 8/9
  • Defense - 1500 - Class 12 shields
  • Offense - 1000 - A torpedo turret bow and stern and class 12 phaser strips. It is hoped they never see use. This is not a combatant vessel.
  • Versatility - 100 - None, its a dock ship
  • Internal Security – 2000 - With an RI in control.


  • Salvor DS-01 -- Built 2390
  • Sturdy DS-02 -- Built 2390

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