Ane value knowledge. The only "rank" of any kind in Ane society is the Seela. Seela is an old Ansisi word of affirmation meaning roughly "I know this to my inner heart." A Seela is anyone that has learned a thing to mastery. They are the person you seek for knowledge of their field when you need the most the best and the latest. A Seela can only exist in the fields in which an Ane can practice. There will be no Ane Seela of piano playing no matter how much they know about music, and how pianos are constructed and played because without hands they cannot play the piano. An Ansisi member of the All can also become a Seela. Many of the physical arts are covered in this manner.

The Seela "rank" is not granted by any board or body. It is a general acclimation among your fellows that you have achieved this level of knowledge.

The Ane have of late have assembled a Council of Seelas as a front for the Ane Confederation. A face for the All. The idea was dropped by Admiral Jay P. Hailey. They like it.

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