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Sophos? Sapient? What's for Lunch?

The term "Sentient" is used to mean a conscious, self-aware individual - a person with a Mind, although not necessarily a conventional individual with a conventional mind.

A more accurate term is Sophont. From Sophosthe Greek, meaning "wise".

Compare to the Latin "Sapiens", for wise.

So a person not of the "Homo" family, who has a mind and self-consciousness, could reasonably be called "Sapient" or a "Sophont"

For Instance, Vulcanis Sapiens - But they probably have their own names for themselves

Like I'm a Specimen put here to fascinate you?

The term "Sentient" refers to a creature that can feel subjectively. Arguably animals are Sentient without being Sapient.

(Note: I agree with this premise. cats and dogs I have known seem to feel emotions, but this is a subjective impression.)

However "Sentient" to denote a self-aware non-human is to common colloquial usage, so after pushing "Sophont" for a while I retreated back to it.


What is the Natuure of Time? What's for Lunch?

Jayphailey 23:53, December 28, 2009 (UTC)

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