Created by: Garry Stahl

Appearance:Starbase 600 game

Number of Members: 50,000 +/-

Nature of Members: Digigrade flurries. Descended from arboreal omnivores they some what resembled squirrels.

Organization: Multi-world Empire, or did.

Game Role: Something to help

World Role: Source of the Aneilogs' written script.

Relative Influence: None

Public or Secret?: Little known is more like it.

Publicly Stated Goal: Repopulate their species.

Relative Wealth: Too poor to spit

Group disadvantages: Nearly extinct

Those who favor them: Aneilogs, the Federation in general

Those opposed to them: Kliges'chee, and they won, kinda.

Area of Operation: Between Oz and the Kliges'chee implosion zone.

Headquarters Location: Sharid asteroid belt.

Public Face: Defenders to the last.

Notable Members:

  • Admiral Chichur: The last Warlord of the Sharidin. He was calling down death on the Kliges'chee right to the moment the planet busters cracked his bunker 5 miles under the planet surface.
  • Elder Sagora: The current Elder of the race, living on New Sharid.

History of the Organization: The Sharidins where some 700 years ahead of Earth in technology. They had a large and wealthy Empire. They dealt fairly and followed their own version of the Prime Directive with pre-warp worlds. One of their most recent contacts was an Ane world called Coventry (now Oz).

The Kliges'chee were without mercy. The Sharidins without surrender. The Kliges'chee had the greater numbers, Sharndin greater technology did not prevail. The Sharndin did not give a single AU without a lot of liquid methane being spilled. Their no surrender defense gave the Aneilogs time to prepare. The Kliges'chee obsession with wiping them out caused other worlds to get lighter treatment or if not warp capable to be ignored all together.

Of all the worlds attacked by the remorseless Kliges'chee Shaird was given the most attention. It was blasted until there was no world. The deep instillations continued to fire until the world itself was cracked.

Once the shooting was over the Comptrollers took stock. Between the destruction of the Sharidin, and the implacable defense of the unknown ones (Encarta) they had paid dearly in ships and drones. It would take centuries before they could advance again. It gave the Zantree time to exist, and arm.

Aneilogs adopted their script after contact. They had a usable system and Sharidin were frequent enough visitors. They have continued to use the script, and it is the only remaining known evidence of the Sharidin culture.

Recent developments indicate the Sharidin might not be hopelessly beyond the grave. A damaged Sharidin ship with sleeper tubes was recently discovered. The 18 survivors were recovered.

From their records a Sharidin archaeological expedition was discovered, some 50,000 strong after the 600 years of isolation. This population was split between that world, now New Sharid and the Aneilog colony of Cansas for reasons of safety.