The Slirdarians Edit

The Slirdarians are a Klingon Subject Race.

They resemble hulking bear-apes. Slirdarians challenge Gorn, Zak or Qzin for raw physical power and scary.

The Klinzai assimilated the Slirdarians by selling the Slirdarians advanced technology, a rare case where even the Klinzai said "You want us to fight WHAT?"

The Slirdarians are happy subjects of the Klingon Empire, killing, breaking and smashing for fun and profit. They are not as smart, on average as Humans, Orions or Klinzai - but taking this for granted has gotten more than one cocky adventurer killed with excessive brutality.

He seems upset... Slirdarian by Al Rio

A Slirdarian Private detective and his partner, operating somewhere on the frontier.

Slirdarian and Angel

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