The slug writer or slug game master is the one that takes everything you like about a character, setting, or game and dumps all over it. Like the eponymous slug that leaves a trail of slime wherever it crawls.

Game Master

The slug game master will make sure the NPCs or villains are so much cooler than your characters, that you can only win by the ultra cool NPC saving your worthless asses and your sole role in this travesty is to declaim how wonderful the NPC (GM PC) is.

People like this have turned entire groups away from the joys of role-playing by sucking all the joy out of the process. I would suggest they write novels instead, but they just become....


The most pestilent version of this lowlife is the writer. Why? They inflict themselves on more people. It is a truly dark day in literature when one of these beasts makes pro, and sadly they do.

The Slug Writers will take your favorite characters or setting and dump all over them. They will sling Jezebel Sue around like a twenty pound dead fish. They will twist and warp your favorite characters into simpering shadows of themselves that will do anything to fulfill what ever sick fantasy they might have, and get you to pay for it too.

In personal experience two of these slugs stand out:

  • In Star Trek, the "Phoenix" books with the Jezebel Sue Black Omine Why didn't they just write about their perfect character and leave Star Trek out of it?
  • Second the Star Wars "Black Fleet Crisis", that turns the PCs into brain dead idiots for the duration of the series.

I could go into exacting detail on both of these examples, but frankly that is giving the slugs too much of my time.

(You might note there are no links. I won't encourage you in looking them up. Waste of your time. If you know them, I'm sorry. If you don't, lucky you.)

Tesral (talk) 21:20, November 17, 2013 (UTC)

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