Their never ending mission...

The first Star Trek show, many say still the best.

Not only is it the source of many of the ideas we play with, but also, early Trek fandom showed us that it was okay to play along and make our own fan fiction

Star Trek Featured the adventures of the Starship USS Enterprise and her crew,  exploring space, defending the good and having exciting adventures.

This .series spawned 7 movies (Counting the first part of "Generations ") 5  spin off series (Including TAS ) and a rebooted retelling. 


TOS is a campaign GM'ed from 1964 to 1975 by Gene Roddenberry.

It take place between 2254 (The Cage ) and 2293. (Generations)

See Your Board, Your Wave.

Memory Alpha entry:
Enterprise 5 hr

The Enterprise

Star Trek: The Original Series .

See Also, TAS , TNG , DS9 , VOY , ENT , JJTrek, Galaxy Quest

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