The Star Trek CompendiumEdit

The Star Trek Compendium, 4th edition
By Allan Asherman © Paramount Pictures ISBN 067168440X

(4th edition, US)

The book was first published in 1981 and gave summaries and production information on all three seasons of TOS and the first motion picture. Unlike some of the later editions, it also gave the actual production schedule for each of the episodes (script dates, when it was filmed, etc.) The 1986 edition also included episode summaries and production information for both seasons of The Animated Series and the next three movies. Each subsequent edition was issued after the release of the following two movies, and was updated to summarize the given movie. (The book was never updated to cover Star Trek Generations, as that movie was covered in the Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion.)

The book's format inspired that of the later Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager companions.