Builder Station


Starbase 222, also called El Nanth Starbase, is a Starfleet facility located in the ancient structure of the Builder station. Starbase 222 is part of the Epiphany Trek continuity and the Starbase 600 game.

     The El Nanth starbase is also known for having the largest enclosed dock of any Federation starbase. It shares this only with other Builder Class Stations.

     The enclosed docks are 4x5x10 kilometers in area. While enclosed from open space the docks are in hard vacuum. Many levels of docking bays, facilities for repair and starship construction are present. These decks are flanked by massive warehouses and the adjoining offices used by Starfleet command.


Builder station, of which Starbase 222 is part, is in free solar orbit around El Nanth. It is located outside the rosette of six planets for which the system is famous and well inside the grinder asteroid belt.

El Nanth is the home system of the Ane Confederation. It is 74 light years from Earth in the direction of the Orion Colonies. -0.9/-2.1


Starfleet took possession of what was then known as Box 5 in 2190. At the time the then numbered Starbase 22 was furthest from the Federation core at 74 light years from Earth.

Starfleet has been continuously upgrading and altering the structure of Box 5 to suit their needs since.

Some features have been left as is. One such are the docking membranes. These bright red structures flow like amoebas over an approaching ship and open near the airlocks once the ship is firmly grasped. How they work has been studied for two centuries and no one has if figured out yet.

Shortly after the founding of the Station several ambitious painters took on the task of the now famous sign on the box roof. (A matching underside sign was never started) It took a lot longer than they thought and a lot more paint. Several starships worth in fact. The budget for the signage was blown by a factor of three, the bottom got canceled. The end result is the "Starbase 22" signage has never been changed and is unlikley to. At this point it is a fixture.

Command crew

  • Commanding officer -- Rear Admiral Carly Feld
  • Operations officer -- Captain May Sesson