Renaissance Station
Starbase 600, also known as Renaissance Station, or more properly Renaissance Station is the station in which Starbase 600 is located. It is the first starbase of the Far Sector. It is located in the L2 position near Oz, a member-world of the Ane Confederation. (Epiphany Trek)

Renaissance Station is a Builder class starbase, a smaller version of the massive Builder Station located in the El Nanth system. It is a twelve bay builder station. The four radial bays furthest from the core (6, 8, 10, 12) are turned over to environments instead of docking space. The area normally used as a docking bay has been split horizontally and fitted with a pair of environmental areas each 4 x 10 x 1.5 kilometers in size. Bay 6 has a true El Nanth environment, open plain on the lower bay and light forest in the upper bay. Warnings are posted for Non Ane to wear proper UV protection. Bay 8 is temperate and tropical arboreal environments featuring 300 meter trees similar to the ones once common to the Sharidin home world. Bay 10 is Starfleet Colony Command. The environments are redressed as needed to simulate environments on the world to be colonized. Bay 12 has yet to be decided on, but will be something you cannot find on Oz proper.

Bay 1 is Starbase 600. Starbase 600 is also the sector command for the Far Sector located beyond the Klingon Empire. Starfleet in the Far Sector is under the command of Admiral Jay P Hailey.

Oz Spacedock

Living SpaceEdit

The amount of livable floor space inside Renaissance Station is past huge. Each of the large, square support arms is fitted with decks, infra-structure and spaces - as are the connecting pieces. Renaissance Station has enough floor space for an entire planet's worth of sentient people to live.

Most of it has not been utilized and probably won't be for a long time.

(more precise calculations to follow)

Notable personnelEdit


  • Rear Admiral Gensilan, female Ane RI, or artificial person. Station Commander. She is the first artificial life form to reach flag rank in Starfleet.
  • Captain Hershel (Birdy) Byrd Earth Human male - Chief Engineer "To seek out new starship forms, and take them apart." Birdy tends to party too hard for his own good
  • Commander Tengui male Olympian. Operations officer. Command Track & Field.
  • Captain Cyralan SI Oz Office -- A petite buff gray with a salt and pepper mane. She is an expert in nothing really. But has a good general grasp of how to turn a goal into a workable program. She has been responsible for taking some of the wildest ideas and making them work. Wears an expression that says "where is the mischief, I wanna roll in it."
  • Lt. Provid Akkaknin Andorian male, age 39. Subspace engineering. Records indicates he has had authority problems in the past and is considered a permanent Lieutenant. He has three papers that have been presented to the academic community. All are considered seminal in nature. Assigned to the Discovery's science dept, then assigned as Starbase 600 Special Projects Engineer, Disodium project.


  • Qun Ferengi male Qun is the Pooba of Finance (business manager) for Renaissance Station. He works under Koc, the Grand Pooba of Finance also a Ferengi. Qun uses the Ferengi head for business to the benefit of the Aneilogs and does it gladly. His pay is wonderful not even counting the 1.35% he gets to skim off the top.
  • Ambassador K'rrak Klingon Male. The only Klingon to spend two years with the Ane and live to tell about it. He looks out for Klingon interests at the station. A New Klingon in outlook.
  • Chewban Aneilog male. Civilian Master Engineer, Renaissance Station space dock. He is likely the largest Aneilog ever, a good 7 foot and constantly trying to look smaller. He was part of the Curious Minnow crew. Invented "Warp Drive for Dummies". He plays "royal guard" for the Great and Mighty Wizard occasionally. He is Cheelan's bondmate.
  • Cleelan Aneilog female Renaissance Station Cargo liaison. She is tall and willowy, black hair, She Aids ship owners in finding or selling cargoes. She is Chewban's bondmate.
  • Niamoi Bar Israel Memory Three teacher in Archeology. Blond, no body hair, slippers. She dresses native and uses native greeting customs.

Places On the StationEdit

  • Auric Cartage -- Old Friend Orion House.
  • Renaissance Rehabilitation Facility -- AKA "The Box" Somewhere in the complex of living spaces is "The Box" A hard time high security prison. The area around The Box is held in vacuum. Only three entrances exist, all under heavy guard and the whole is transporter blocked. The Box has 1020 cells. The usual is a sterile humane environment. A suite of several rooms the prisoner cannot leave or alter. A tenth of the cells are holosuites. What ever conditions the prison wishes to set up can be arranged. In the most unusual circumstances the usual will be altered to meet intelligence needs. Under no circumstances will a prisoner be treated in a way that does not conform with Federation Penal Code.
  • El Nanth Starships -- The Oz Office. Construction facilities are in box 2 and box 3.
  • Ferengi Trade Association Office -- Payment up front.
  • Klingon Embassy -- Location on the skin of the tower the sign on the door states "Bribes and Graft in the Rear". Ambassador K'rrak is usually found here.
  • Job Board Office -- Job clearing house. Post a job, find a job. Hailan runs the Job board. There is also an office in the Emerald City.
  • Memory Three Renaissance Campus -- Third branch of the Memory System. the actual computers and artifacts are somewhere on Oz proper. It is "manned" by Gensilan, a number of Ane and usually one of the Rrell, as well as other teachers of many races.
  • Place of Am -- One of Am is usually located here.
  • QIn puprach wl' Inn -- A Klingon bar. (Shakespeare’s)
  • Rick's Cafe American -- The on station location of this Noir flavored Earth bar. Similar to the ground side location in Little America.
  • Starfleet Command -- Offices around Bay 1 and in the Spire.
  • Youn Independent Merchant's Guild Office -- Assistance for members in good standing.
  • York's Bar -- A food and drinking establishment run by an crusty old Dusty named Marvel York. He might be one the oldest space dogs you will ever see. Decor features beauty shots of famous ships and portraits of local Captains of note.
    • Marvel York: Chief Petty Officer (ret.) A Human form the core that came out in the early days looking for one more grasp at the brass ring. He retired to run the bar. "So kid, what will ya have?"

Abandoned and Seized ShipsEdit

  • Ferengi Marauder -- Former Damon and owner is polishing Koc's shoes. He got a little to involved in dabo. (Several of his crew are walking off battery charges.)
  • Mongo Transport -- Owner operator suffered a medical incident and died. The ship has not been claimed. At this point storage, even at the hardship rates is more than the ship is worth. (Taken for the Minnow Missions.)
  • Orion Heavy Transport -- Transporting slaves, they could not pay the "docking fees". Currently drinking himself to death. (Tar Bender, nother Dr. Pepper.)
  • Youn Large Free trader -- (Orcer Pleasure II) Owner couldn't scratch up the docking fees. The crew walked off in a labor dispute. They had not been paid. (Really new too.) The guy is currently working for the Bank that floated the ship in the first place. The bank wouldn't pay the crew and docking fee. Oz wouldn't let them have the ship.
  • Vargr Trader -- Kronin & Zak assisted suicide.
  • Orion Heavy Transport -- Docked,all Green crew walked away.
  • Malovid "cutter" -- Blackjack. Currently working in Casablanca as a prostitute. A good two thirds of the crew was too damaged by screech to do useful work.

Starships of the Far SectorEdit

Other Starbases i the Far SectorEdit

  • Benefit Station -- Starbase-603; Builder (4-bay); C/O: Shinnar (Koo f); X/O: Capitan Haramid Akkar (human f); Assignment: Nakoo Ship support and system defense
  • Canberra Station -- Starbase 604; Builder (4-bay); C/O: Rear Admiral Kaylin Les (Zarian f); Assignment: Balmora Sector control
  • Reliant Station -- Starbase 602; Builder (2-bay); C/O: Rear Admiral Kevas Quators; Assignment: Ssliss Sector, Trantorian Border control
  • Ovid Station -- Starbase 601; Builder (2-bay): C/o:Rear Admiral Unius Shepley (Ovid f) Assignment: Ovid Way Station, Ovid Sector Control - Joint administration with Klingons

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