The following races have made appearances in the Starbase 600 game. appearances can be brief or important. Each is further detailed in its own profile.

!kur!tar Kurr Association  Insectoid Humanoids 
!zzr   Trantorian Empire   Insectoid 
Algoeian   The Interstellar Alliance   Humanoid 
Am Independent Putting the strange in "Strange New Worlds"
Amdrox      Humanoid
Ane   Federation   Handicapped Quadruped
Aneilogs   Federation   Ane forced into a humanoid shape 
Angelish   Trantorian Empire   rubber forehead humanoids 
Avayans   Federation   Flightless Avian humanoids 
Banduch  Kurr Association   Dinosauroid - looks like micro brontosaur 
Bel Independent  Kliges'chee victim on the recovery thank Bob. 
Bykaler   Federation (mostly)  Large, Scary Cat/Ferret Guys 
Charrenal Independant Odoriferous scavengers of everything
Chugaii   Chugaii Empire   Chihuahua/Monkies 
Dalmar      Frail, lightly furred beings with really big eyes. 
Efrosians   Federation   Blue humans with odd bio chemistry 
Encarta Independent Jaded merchants of immortality
Farnen   Federation   humanoid 
Firstrubirans   none (Ringworld) Rubber forehead humanoids. 
Fred   Federation   Monkey People and one Orla 
Gonati   Independant  Cattle Guys 
Humans   Federation (mostly)  Hominid 
Huptite   Federation   Humanoid 
Icshore  none, formerly Shardin Empire  Humanoid, tend to be gaunt and have eyes with no whites. 
Kamla   Kurr Association (Mostly)  Bunny Furry Humanoids 
Kantite   none  Furred humanoids 
Kinar   Trantorian  Bovinish humanoids 
Klingons   Klingon Empire (Various Factions)  Rubber head Humanoids 
Kloosh   Kurr Association   Seal Furries 
Koo   Federation   Snake furries 
Lughocee   Independant  Ferret furry 
Murrians  Allied to UFP Ane  Hairless Cat-Furries 
OOrang   none (Ringworld) humaniod, blue orangatangs 
Olympians   Federation (Zantree)  Athletic Ferret Furries 
Oneites   independant PD  semi humaniod 
Orla   Kurr Association   Humanoids 
Ottianians   none (Ringworld) Otter furries. 
Plasmiods Federation Look like 30 pound single celled organisms - genetically human
Poong   Federation (Zantree)  Humanoids 
Prickachee   (Friendly towards UFP and Kurr)  Sentient, Large Parrots 
Prodox   none  odd humamoid 
Romulans   Romulan Empire   Green Blooded pointy eared humanoids 
Sharidin   Federation   Squriloids 
Ssslarr   Federation   Reptilian humanoids 
Stationeers   Federation   Humanoids 
Tabooists   Tabooists (Zantree)  Sad Turtle Furries 
Tanaki   Various  Humanoids 
Tinteni   None  Late empire builders. 
Tonagi   Kurr Association  Chihuahua/Monkies 
Tonkee   Tonkee  Chihuahua/Monkies 
Vicharrians Federation  Humaniods
Youn   Youn (Zantree)  Rubber head Humanoids 
Zak   Kurr Association (Mostly)  Large, Scary Lizard Guys 
Zarians   Federation and other  Humanoid 
Zhodani   Zhodani Consulate   Human psionocracy 
Zhurfer   Federation   Humanoid