The high station department of the Smithsonian Institute. The Museum is a station in mid Earth orbit the decommissioned Starfleet Headquarters is famous for its collection of actual starships.

The purpose of the Museum is to chronicle the advancements of Earth spaceflight to the stars. It does this through a narrative that includes thousands of artifacts and dozens of historical ships, the wow factor of the museum.

Vessels on DisplayEdit

  • The Phoenix -- The first Earth prototype warp ship. In the main high bay.
  • USS Ulysses S. Grant NCC-107 -- Lenin class heavy cruiser. the recovered Grant is the jewel of the Romulan War and the early 22nd century exhibits.
  • USS Thomas A Edison NCC 244 -- Daedalus class heavy cruiser. the center of the Late 22nd Century and the "Second age of Exploration" exhibit.
  • USS Republic NCC 1371 -- An early Constitution class heavy cruiser. She is the center of the Four Years War exhibit.
  • USS Enterprise NCC 1701-A -- The vessel made famous by the Legendary Captain James Tiberius Kirk, well at least its replacement and one he commanded. An Enterprise class heavy cruiser and the center of the late 23rd century Starfleet exhibits. The bridge is dedicated to the career of Kirk, the good and the bad.
  • USS Mitchell Paige NCC 1942 -- A Miranda class cruiser. Heavily modified and the most decorated Starship in Starfleet history. She served over 100 years in service. She is the center of the "working Starfleet" exhibit.
  • ADF Quarfart CS-19 -- Euphrates class science cruiser. The Ane in Starfleet exhibit about the "Other Earth Native".
  • USS Excelsior NCC 2000 -- Excelsior class heavy cruiser. The Starfleet Academy exhibit.

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