ADF Dorthy

Stingray class -- FF-76

  • Oz System defense.
  • No crew established

ADF Glenda

Stingray class -- FF-77

  • Oz System defense
  • No crew established

ADF Lion

Stingray class -- FF-78

  • Oz System defense
  • CO: Commander Felilan, female Ane RI

ADF Munchkin

Stingray class -- FF-80

  • Oz System defense
  • No crew established

ADF Necessity

Stingray class -- FF-72

  • Contain the Zhodani
  • No crew established

ADF Scarecrow

Stingray class -- FF-79

  • Oz System defense
  • No crew established

ADF Tinman

Stingray class -- FF-81

  • Oz System defense
  • No crew established

ADF Tock

Stingray class -- FF-75

  • Oz System Defense
  • No crew established

ADF Toto

Stingray class -- FF-83

  • Oz System defense
  • No crew established

ADF Wizard

Stingray class -- FF-82

  • Oz System defense
  • No crew established


House Javos Taj class

  • Far Sector Free Mercenary vessel
  • CO: Le'Hov--femnale Cowar

USS Abraham Dannon

Dolphin class -- NCC-79546

  • Far Sector Flag
  • Flag: Rear Admiral Li'ira O'Keefe female Green Orion

    CO: Captain Cinilan female Ane RI

USS Andros

Behemoth class -- Mobile Starbase-903

  • Trafulla sector. Trafulla containment
  • CO: Commodore Kriys Markum male Poong

    XO: Commander Hiram Jorg male Human

USS Braveheart

Intrepid class -- NCC 78527

  • Implosion Zone - make friends and influence people.
  • XO: Captain Gillian McLeod female Human

USS Bristo

USS Carabash

Tigris class -- CS-118

  • Long duration Science Mission (For Lease)
  • No crew established

USS Colorado

Tigris class -- CS-119

  • Long duration Science Mission (For Lease)
  • No crew established

USS Courageous

Intrepid class -- NCC 78525

  • Starbase-600 to Deep Space 18 Patrol/Exploration
  • CO: Captain Anthony Goloplous male Human


Planet class -- CA-117

  • Long Duration Science Mission
  • No crew established

USS Crystal City

Dolphin class (fleet)

  • Patrol/Explore Trantorian Empire Frontier:
  • Flag: Rear Admiral Jay P. Hailey (2)

    CO: Captain Li'ira (2)

USS Determination

Advantage class -- CB-37

  • Starbase-601 (Nakoo) to Deep Space 15 patrol.
  • No crew established

USS Discovery

Galaxy class Ds refit -- NCC-71890

  • Western Frontier (between Trantorian Empire and Balmorian Sector) Exploration and Charting. -- Grand Dame of the Far Sector.
  • CO: Captain Annemie female Tellerite

    XO:Commander Reginald Barclay male Human

USS Raisin

Tigris class -- CS-78

  • Long duration Science Mission
  • No crew established

USS El Dorado

Norway class

  • Zhondani Blockade
  • No crew established

USS Glorious

Manta class CB-18

  • Oz defense as needed
  • No crew established

USS Harrier(2)

Constellation class

  • Museum Ship at Starbase 600

USS Homan Ruan

Steamrunner class

  • Zhondani Blockade
  • No crew established

USS Jim Lovell

Intrepid class

  • No crew established

USS John Wayne

Ferengi Trade Battlecruiser -- NCC-76561

  • School ship
  • No crew established

USS K'talan

Dolphin class (blue) -- CA-29

  • Starbase-600 to DS-20 Patrol, Exploration.
  • CO: Tanban male Ane

USS Lexington

Dolphin class (fleet) -- NCC-79000

  • Explore and patrol the Implosion Zone
  • CO: Captain Howard Nelson male Human -- Romulan war Butterfly

USS Mercury

Mercury classNCC-79120

  • On Stand-by at Starbase-600 to respond to rescue calls.
  • CO: Captain Icobod Fell male Human

    XO: Commander Sean Baldwin male Human

USS Nathan Hale

Nathan Hale class -- NCC-120486

  • Assigned as required A runabout, on stand-by at Startbase-600

USS Redoubt

Manta class -- CB-2

  • Starbase-600 to Tanak Patrol.
  • No crew established

USS Parneb

Constellation class -- NCC 3567

  • Decommissioned USS Dunsel static training ship

USS Promise

Falcon class --

  • Oz System Defense
  • CO: Lt Cmd Marban male Aneilog

    XO: Lt. Mable Barnes female Human

USS Putopo

Norway class -- NCC-79693

  • Starbase-600 to Ssliss Patrol.
  • CO: Captain Munda Longsufow male Catluan

USS Sslir

Planet class -- CA-120

  • Explore around Sslir, make friends and influence people.
  • No crew established

USS Royal Sovereign

Sovereign class -- NCC-75000

  • Starbase-604 to DS-23 Patrol
  • CO: Captain Suval male Vulcan

    XO: Commander Harry Hakunahana male Human

USS Sharlin

Dolphin class (Blue) -- CA-124

  • Rishan Zone Support Tabooists
  • No crew established

USS Savensu T'ness

Dolphin class (fleet) -- NCC-101734

  • Patrol the Trantorian Border, make friends, influence people.
  • CO: Captain Stephanie Anderson female Human

    XO: Commander Nara Vular female Zarian

USS Sigma Seven

Dolphin class (fleet) -- NCC-79620

  • Lilly pads to Last Chance, make friends and influence people.
  • Flag: Rear Admiral James T Kirk (2) male Human

    CO: Captain Spock (2) male Vulcan

USS Talos

Behemoth class -- Starbase-905

  • Off the Onethed System Supporting Federation Inc.
  • CO: Commodore Melot

    XO: Commander Pryssy Kim

USS Tenacious

Manta class -- CB-17

  • Starbase-600 to Mongo to Tanak Patrol
  • CO: Captain Kasalan female Ane

USS Ulysses S Grant

Intrepid class NCC 107-A

  • Explore anti-spinward frontier, make friends.

C/O: Capitan Danny Duggan male Human

jaHorn bang

Bath'leth class

  • Support the Klingon Embassy at Oz Willing to work with Starfleet when things need breaking. Klingon Empire, House Kathris
  • CO: J'mon of House Kathris male Klingon

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