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Steamrunner class CGI model by ILM

The Steamrunner is class of Federation Starfleet starships, first seen in the 2370s. The Steamrunners are medium sized Frigates. They are better at multi-role operations than the Norway and have better endurance than other ships of this size. The Steamrunner is a popular SAR cutter

They are the results of Terran and Andorian engineers working together.

The cannon information on this ship is available here .

Epiphany TrekEdit

The Steamrunner class is one of the classes considered suitable for DiSodium upgrades

Enterprise D ScaleEdit

  • Science capacity - 500 A smaller vessel and more specialized.
  • Crew Comfort - 800 Size does matter
  • Duration - 600 Again size does matter
  • Medical facilities - 1000
  • Tactical maneuvering - 1500 Smaller ships move quicker.
  • Strategic Speed - 1000 equal to the galaxy
  • Defense - 800 Class 12 shields but size matters in duration
  • Offense - 800 Class 12 phasers but light on the torpedo load.
  • Versatility - 600 Some versatility but not up to a cruiser.
  • Internal Security – 1000 Similar systems


Steamrunner Class

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