Steve Oostrom

Fanfic writer and commentator

     Steve currently resides in Oshawa, Ontario, and he has been writing Star Trek-based fan fiction since the late seventies, when he watched the original series as an after-school activity and decided, "I can write stories like that too." Instead of further adventures of Kirk and crew, he created his own ship and crew, and his own alien races, especially the Odonans. Stories and even novels followed, as he created his own particular view of the Star Trek universe. Steve has a number of other interests, which currently include computer baseball, cartography and linguistics (these change regularly). With the last of those, he has created a number of artifical constructed languages, including Allemonian and Odonien. Steve is currently single, working as a postal clerk when his mind is not fully preoccupied by all of his other activities. Unlike some others, he lives with only one cat, Kitscha.

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