Part of the The Secret History of Jay Trek

borrowed from Eugenics War - James Bond, A View to a Kill, and the X-Files

Game Master - Jay and lots of other folks

the Eugenics war, where "improved Humans" attack and try to dominate the rest of the world, unsuccessfully. Although "A View to a Kill" was a crappy movie it lent me a perfectly gameable premise for these advanced humans.

During WWII Dr Hans Glaub created a therapy based on hormones and steroids which created children of spectacular strength, endurance and intelligence. They were also largely psychotic and violent. X-Files made up a stoudly over powered variant, but then came up with some interesting politics as various wings of the Consiracy tried to use Super Soldiers as pawns in their great game - while the Super soldiers had ideas of their own.

In Jay-Trek, these steroid and hormone fueled enormously strong whack jobs formed independant antagonists through the 1970s and 1980s, and and Organized force of Antagonists in the 1990s.

Borrowing from David Palmers book "Emergence" I posit four groups AA - Improved humans who were raised as improved humans Example Khan Noonien Singh. AB - Improved humans who were raised as normal people - example Buffy Summers. BA - Normal humans whjo were raised an Improved Humans and BB - normal humans raised as normal humans - eg the control group.

Setting - Earth in Jay Trek from 1944 to 1996 and subsequent time zones

In Enterprise they added a lot more to the lore of the Augments. For ST-OM most of this is true, but the Augments were not so over bearingly super human - in keeping with ST-OM's Everyman theme.

This article is unfinished

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