(Literally those that do clothing, or clothing bearer.)
  • Created by: Garry Stahl
  • Number of Members: In the billions
  • Nature of Members: Client race of the Klingon Empire. Sutwl' are smallish humanoids standing 1.5 meters high in average. They are descended from forest herbivores with little hunting pressure. When the Orion Empire encountered them they had a primitive tribal structure based in simple agriculture. Their culture is at this point wiped out and forgotten. Sutwl' have only what their masters decree they shall have, and know nothing else.
  • Organization: As their masters decree.
  • Game Role: Someone to pity
  • World Role: Step and fetch it near invisible servants for Klingons.
  • Relative Influence: None, zilch, zero.
  • Public or Secret?: Public, but practically unseen. Sutwl' are never introduced to guests or even seen by guests.
  • Publicly Stated Goal: Do their job and avoid getting in the middle of "Klingon business"
  • Relative Wealth: They don't even own themselves.
  • Group advantages: Define that. They are non persons. Honor expects that striking a sutwl' is a dishonorable act. They are that below the notice of a Klingon.
  • Special Abilities: None
  • Group disadvantages: They are slaves, how disadvantaged can you get? They are born, bred, and raised as totally subservient to the Klingons.
  • Special Disadvantages: They are not physically strong either.
  • Who belongs: All sutwl'
  • Who doesn't belong: Anyone with a spine.
  • Those who favor them: Favor? They are beneath notice.
  • Those opposed to them: It is hard to be opposed to a people without self determination. Anyone that is antislavery will be opposed to their condition.
  • Area of Operation: Klingon Empire
  • Headquarters Location: qo'Sutwl' -1.5/-4.3
  • Public Face: None, they are faceless servants.
  • Notable Members: None
  • History of the Organization: Sutwl', what name they had for themselves is long forgotten, where first brought to Q'noS by Orion traders. Sutwl' served in the court of Kahless as he united the Klingons. When trade broke off the sutwl' were sufficient in number to breed. When the Klingons went to the stars, the sutwl' when with them. Eventually the Klingon discovered the sutwl' home world. The Orions had never seen fit to give the sutwl' any technology, they simply raided and took what they wanted. The Klingons did the same.

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