This term can describe two devices. they are as different as night and day. Don't mix them up, ever.

The Ane VersionEdit

Sometimes called a psi box. A telepathic interface is a means of allowing a telepath to control physical objects. The interface interprets the mental emanations and the controls do their thing.

Telepathic interfaces are usually made as simple as possible so they can be used with little or no training. The first models, seen on the Nia class heavy cruisers were somewhat complicated and a moderately steep learning curve. They were fitted to the controls to allow Ane to manipulate said controls and to biomechs so they could tell them what to do. (This was pre RI).

More modern versions are more intuitive, mainly where RI computers are located. Mobile models exist that can be plunged into existing control systems and allow Ane to handle them.

The Rishan VersionEdit

Plushy, harmful, they do what you want as soon as they tell you what you want. The only positive encounter has been no encounter. Everyone that has interacted with a Rishan telepathic interface has regretted it, so don't.

Starfleet protocol is to regard anyone touched by a Rishan device to be compromised until thoroughly vetted by the medical department, and then we may never be 100% sure.

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