"The Express" is the usual way of speaking of the Ane ability under certain conditions to teleport interstellar distances. The unique way the Ane teleport allows this. Being multidimensional creatures Ane exist and are aware of not just the usual four dimensions of space and time but the 11th dimension as well. A place just outside space/time that because they are already on both sides they can slip out of one physical location and into another.

The amount of energy this requires is much lower than for a traditional teleport that is actually believed to fold space and never leaves the ten dimensional envelope. Every place in the Universe is equally distant from the 11th dimension. The difficulty comes in the anchor. Knowing where in space/time to fold back in. The longer the angle of movement, the higher energy the destination must be. Ergo there must be more Anchoring Ane. Within a soft envelope of 40,000 to 70,000 kilometers no anchor is required. That destination can be "seen", the Ane has a firm image of the place to fold back in. Beyond this distance up to close interstellar of a few light years one or more Ane are a sufficient anchor. When you start to talk tens of light years you need tens of Ane. By the time you are talking cross galaxy teleportation an anchor of a sizable population is required. Inter Galactic teleportation while theoretically possible would require a population at the location of billions, just to shine a strong and steady landing light.

Yes, for at least a brief moment the anchor must concentrate on the teleporting Ane. However large the anchor might be. A single anchor is sufficient for however many Ane as well. 20 Ane teleporting to planet X do not need a larger anchor that one.

The Express is used among the Ane to move whole populations about to mix their genes well among their various isolated planets. That others find this useful is simply a bonus to them.

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