Asteroid Field
The Grinder is what is left of the El Nanth system as it was before the Builders got to it. Six rocky planets, two gas giants, three ice planets. The rocky planets became the El Nanth rosette the others where moved to the edge of the Kupler belt and dumped. The left over planets were dismantled so that their gravity wouldn't perturb other debris into the rosette.

The Grinder bleeds into the Kuipler belt. the only way to really tell one from the other is the nature of the materials. As asteroid belts go the grinder is fairly thick with under an average 1 million mile separation between objects. Ships are advised to avoid that region, even if the real chance of collision is remote.

Old spacer tales tell of the hidden high technology tugs used to move the El Nanth planets around being abandoned in the Grinder. A fortune to anyone that could find them. It is just that a tale. No such tugs exist.

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