The Holly Hop Incident Pt 1 Edit

Written by Jay P Hailey and Dennnis Washburn

This is the Inaugural episode of Star Trek: Outwardly Mobile (ST-OM), Featuring the Captain's first tour of the ship, meeting the crew, and first Launch from space dock.

This is part one of a three part story. The three parts are one whole story.

It is written by Jay P Hailey from a plot created by Dennnis Washburn. Washburn GMed this as a role playing game with Jay as the sole player. Jay took notes and later wrote this story based on the notes and recollections, and altered for drama and narrative flow.

The sense of paranoia and conspiracies behind the scenes are Dennnis' creation.


Hailey receives his commission and promotion

Hailey is shown the USS Harrier by Lt Commander John Flagg

Hailey, suspicious of the strange nature of ship and mission recruits people he knows to try and slant the crew in his favor.

New Characters - CreatorsEdit

Jay P Hailey - Jay P Hailey

Admiral Gregory Quinn - Canon

John Flagg - Dennnis Washburn

Li'ira - Jay P Hailey

Charles Holly - Jay P. Hailey and Dennis Washburn

Arthur "Snoopy" Hendricks - Dennnis Washburn

Lt. Green - Jay P. Hailey

Chief Dubonich - Jay P. Hailey

Yoshio Yo - Jay P. Hailey

Gerald Bruce - Jay P. Hailey


USS Harrier (NCC-45657) - The Point of View ship for the series.

USS Melbourne - Mentioned as being destroyed at Wolf 359

USS Akagi- Hailey was Chief Engineer of this ship in the 2350s

Misc. Edit


Holodeck Training Scenarios

Holly Hop Drive

References to CanonEdit

Wolf 359 - the battle against the Borg described in the season finale of Season 3 of ST:TNG

Benjamin Sisko - Replaces Hailey as Quinn's right-hand-man. Note that this violates Canon. In Canon, Sisko returns from Wolf 359 and begins working on the USS Defiant. In Jay-Trek, he learns of the Defiant and audits the project for Quinn.

USS Melbourne - A Starship destroyed at Wolf 359. The USS Harrier inherits a warp core originally meant for the USS Melbourne.

Link to the actual story - ST-OM 01