An alliance of five planets in the early warp stages.


All members are Locard a race on the rebound. Rubberheads. 4 digit, plantigrade, purple skin. A once powerful and expansive technological race that has fallen away from space flight and is now rediscovering it.

Locard are considered devils by many culture outside the League of Five. Their high tech ancestors were imperialistic assholes.

The evidence is that of a brutal conquering people with exactly zero regard for anything but themselves. No, this idea does not go down easily in every place. But the evidence is hard to explain otherwise. The mystery is they seem to have evaporated. They have found multiple great works, many of which like Midway Station we have been able to make use it. They have found no evidence as to why they stopped being a space power. No damage has been found, no battles, no plagues. As if one day they turned out the lights and went home.






Midway StationEdit

Located in a double star system with several class M worlds. A work of the ancients. The massive station is artistically built of cubes. The technology is in advanced of what the Locard currently have.

The worlds are populated by Locard that have not reached warp drive. They are being carefully mentored by their fellows and are not year considered members of the league.


  • Jerngo: Station guy
  • Ico Clasta. Learned Scholar of Venta University.


  • On the Origin of Peoples; by Eilc Wendar. The most straight forward and most scientific thesis that isn't driven by politics. Dr. Wendar examines in very harsh light the origin claims of all five worlds. While she does not reject any outright, the conclusions are easily led to.

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